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droid x phone freezing up

Nov 29,  · And just like computers, they can freeze, lock-up, hang, and just do some wonky things. Here's some ways to fix this. How to unfreeze your Android smartphone | AndroidPITAuthor: Sterling Keys. the last few days my droidx has been freezing up. what i have done was remove some of the unwanted apps and rebooted the phone seems to work better. it also freezes you can turnt it off and on so i have to take out the battery as well let it sit for about 15 mins and then it is fine. Feb 11,  · ok, im on to something. when i click the little phone icon on my home screen, it is here that i freeze up mostly. what i just realized is that once im on the screen with the keypad to make a call, if i select the contacts tab up top, it closes and goes right back to my home screen.

Troubleshooting: How to Unfreeze Your Device

Apr 8, 90 1 LessFilling Newbie. Jul 8, 38 4 16 Machine Op NY. My phone has not froze, but after charging all night, this morning the screen was on and would not shut off! It would dim but that's it. I had to reboot to get it working right.

Dec 3, 31 63 Chicago. Aug 5, 53 7 Jun 26, 19 3 Leftyguy Android Expert. Jul 25, 2, Oregon Coast. I was waiting untill 2. Its possible since not everyone is having the freeze issue, it might possibly be certains Apps. Sketchr Android Enthusiast. May 28, 68 Male. My previous DX did that several times a day. Droid x phone freezing up finally had enough and told them I wanted a replacement. I only had the phone for one week. Just received my replacement unit yesterday and it's as smooth as butter, droid x phone freezing up.

No issues so far. The reps I contacted about my problem never mentioned others with similar experiences. I think this is an equipment problem - not sure it can be resolved by software Apr 2, 78 3 Sep 8, 5 Its so hard to believe that this is an equipment problem.

That would be very disappointing indeed. As for an update, i have no doubt that needs to happen. I've run my phone after a factory reset with NONE of my apps installed and still had keyboard lag and the battery manager FC. This phone was flawless on 2. LaZeR Android Enthusiast. Jul 2, 0 35 Tech Midwest. If the fix happens then you all are lucky but I wasnt about to wait. Ask for a replacement! VZW sends a refurb and supposedly Motorola will fix your faulty phone but you dont get a replacement so you will be phoneless.

Joan Member. May 27, 75 1 When we went to the Verizon store to get my daughters phone fixed because of the same issues here, they said they would send her out another phone. I didn't believe them. They 2 day fed-ex'd her phone and we got it this past monday. It IS a new phone and yes, packaged as a "like-new". It's also sturdier than mine! She hasn't had one sec. Just remember, when they ship out the replacement, you gotta take your data card out and insert into the replacement phone.

We forgot, but the phone won't work properly without it. When I had a first generation Droid I went through about a half dozen replacements for what I think was just a flaw of the phone or my location lousy audio muffle. Each one Verizon sent was either new or so new that Droid x phone freezing up couldn't tell that it was refurbished. Point being that they weren't all scratched up with fingerprint smudges -- they definitely looked new. May 22, 8 36 Student AZ. Now all this talk of 2.

I updated it from 2. Aug 17, 57 1 Yeah, so far I've had 2 times droid x phone freezing up I got stuck at the M logo. I think keeping the battery out for at least 5 mins seems to get you past it. Also the only time my X freezes is when using the stock music player, which is very buggy now that I've read. I downloaded a better music player and that fixed that. I did notice in landscape mode keyboard with that added line at the top that shows the comma and others What's up with that comma anyways??

Why did they move it? Oh and the gallery just sucks now They definitely need another update to address these issues. You know, when you send out an update to your OS, it's supposed to enhance, droid x phone freezing up, not dehance.

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What to do when your Android freezes


droid x phone freezing up


Is your phone freezing, and not responding to your touch? Yes, your phone still likes you! It probably just needs some TLC, like power cycling, or even a reset. This video shows how to unfreeze your device and get it up, running and in tip-top shape. Sep 25,  · My phone freezes up at least 6 times a day after the update. I have to do a battery pull to get it going again. I did a factory reset and formatted the sd card same thing happens. What to do when your Android freezes. By Editor | Published: If your Android phone or an app on the phone has frozen, here are two things you can try. it may be a good idea to plug your phone in and charge it for a few minutes before starting your device up again. This type of shutdown/restart is the best because it allows your device.