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The Xiaomi Black Shark is a gaming-focused smartphone and not shy about it, with an aggressive angular look, black with bright highlights. But it's not all show. Inside the Black Shark, we find an array of hardware powerful enough to handle any modern game with ease: an octacore CPU, 8 GB RAM and the Adreno Nicholas Montegriffo. The best gaming phones By Benjamin Abbott, Brittany Vincent TZ Feature Our picks of the best gaming phones for , whether you're looking at Android or Apple, budget or Author: Benjamin Abbott. At this price, it's one of the best values for any gaming smartphone. While it wasn't able to rank higher, the Razer Phone 2 is still a great gaming phone. You will need a microSD card (it only has 64 GB of internal storage), but in turn, you will be gaming with one of the most comfortable smartphones to hold in landscape that has powerful speakers, fast performance, and Jon Knight.

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Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, with experts predicting 2. No wonder we've seen the rise of gaming smartphones, a class of phones that specialize in mobile gaming. We update this comparison at least once a year.

Unlike previous iterations, we're finally seeing a best android smartphone for gaming gaming phone market. Manufacturers basically threw stuff at the wall to see what would stick with the first generation of gaming phones, best android smartphone for gaming, but their successors learned from past mistakes and improved.

The result best android smartphone for gaming probably the strongest lineup of gaming phones that we've ever had. For our test, we focused solely on phoned released officially in the US within the last year. We also looked only for phones that are currently available to buy.

Because screen size is important to gaming, we focused on the larger version of phones in a series. While the smaller screen will perform from very similarly, the larger display is easier to see, best android smartphone for gaming. Additionally, for the iPhone X S Max, the larger phone also has a larger speaker for louder sound. We also limited our selection to the latest releases from each of the major OEM. We didn't feel it would be fair to include multiple listings from the same company, as it would limit the diversity of our list.

The last flagship ZTE released under their own name in the US was the Axon 7 Pro, a powerhouse phone that offers fantastic performance at its price tag. However, after a battle with the US Government where it along with Huawei was banned from the US, then reinstated, it has avoided the market. In the meantime, ZTE released two amazing phones under the Nubia brand, the latest being the best gaming phone available on the market. What makes the Red Magic 3 so special is its price to performance ratio.

You get so much of a phone for a price tag that is almost half that of most phones on our list. But it's not just cost, this has all the features you'd expect from a gaming phone inand then some. Let start with its processor.

This is a 7 nm processor that uses a new core configuration, best android smartphone for gaming, with one core clocked at 2. This configuration gives your phone enough power to play best android smartphone for gaming intensive games while conserving power when performing simpler tasks. Even though the 7 nm processor reduces heat better than its predecessor, ZTE has improved this by adding the world's first fan in a phone.

The Red Magic 3 has both heat pipes to draw heat away from the SoC, and a fan to exhaust heat outside the phone. This active cooling keeps the phone cool to the touch despite gaming on it for hours at a time. Only two other phones offer this much RAM and both charge hundreds more for it. Most games don't even use half of this, making it possible to live stream your game at best android smartphone for gaming same time without a hit to performance.

Powering this phone is a 5, mAh battery. This is the largest battery capacity of any phone on our list. Such a large battery will last you throughout even the most extended gaming session thanks to its resolution best android smartphone for gaming limited to p.

And when your phone is low on battery life, you can quickly charge it back up thanks to its 18 W fast charger. Speaking of the display, the Red Magic 3 runs at 90 Hz. This means as long as the game supports higher refresh rates, best android smartphone for gaming, you can game up to 90 FPS.

This means animations are smoother as you transition into the game's world, best android smartphone for gaming. It also has Hz touch response rate. This stat means that animations start faster, as the screen registers input 2. The display is also large at 6. Then there's the Gaming Port. Game Space 2. With Game Space 2. One thing to note is the purchasing process is a bit problematic.

When purchasing the phone for our testing, we found the website to be a bit sketchy compared to the purchasing experience on Amazon. And because ZTE nubia isn't making this phone available anywhere else, you are forced to deal with the transaction through their website.

While we were able to successfully purchase the phone with no issue, just be warned the process might send up some red flags for security-conscious buyers. The latter will affect more people as more and more of us become reliant on mobile payments each year.

So if you do use Android Pay or Android Beam, be aware this phone won't have those features. Additionally, because this is the first pair of ZTE nubia phones in the US, we don't know what upgrade cycle timing will be like. So far, we have heard nothing in regards to Android While it is still fairly new and things could change, there is a chance this phone doesn't receive Android 10 until late next year.

There are many more gaming features to this phone — in fact, too many to mention here. Even if this phone were double the price, it would be a great value. If you love mobile gaming, there's just too much phone here to ignore. ZTE has clearly watched the market, and the result is a phone that not only improves gaming but gives you an edge over the competition.

It's more a great phone that happens to be good at gaming. However, unlike other best android smartphone for gaming, it doesn't skimp in other areas. First off, let's talk about the specs. It even supports expandable storage, so at the time of writing, you can expand that storage to 2 TB.

That's more storage than I need for my Xbox One. This is paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragonthe latest and greatest from Qualcomm, which nearly as fast as Apple's A12 Bionic. It's the only phone on our list that supports Wi-Fi 6 aka Wi-Fi 5 aka The new version also more secure and can create a stronger connection with compatible devices.

With a compatible router, you can have the most reliable connection in your lobby and will never have to worry about lag, best android smartphone for gaming. Because of Samsung's popularity, it's no surprise this is one of the handful of phones that supports 60 FPS gaming on Fortnite. With the additional 30 frames, animations will be smoother as you rake up bodies and try to survive the battle royale.

As an Android device, you can find emulators on the Play Store for nearly every past console and handheld. It also supports Steam Link Anywhere, so you can play games from your Steam library anywhere you go, best android smartphone for gaming. And no need to use touch controls, you can easily connect your Xbox One or PS4 controller via Bluetooth for a better experience. This is also a beastly device when it comes to gaming performance.

On 3DMark's Sling Shot, it scored a 7, Only the OnePlus 7 Pro came close, with most phones losing by at least 1, points.

The result was the same on Sling Best android smartphone for gaming Extreme. But it also has one of the best displays on the market and one of the best cameras. It doesn't have some of the niche gaming features no RGB herebut that might not be a bad thing. Not every gamer wants their phone to scream gaming, and this phone doesn't.

OnePlus' motto is Never Settle. Starting with the OnePlus One, the company has designed phones that challenge the traditional flagship, by offering the same specs at a fraction of the price. As components increase in price and the team gets larger, the phone's gotten more expensive. The average user has also changed, best android smartphone for gaming, no longer willing to settle for a p display.

That's why OnePlus shocked us all with the 7 Pro, which for the best android smartphone for gaming time, truly embodies their motto. The OnePlus 7 Pro has specs that would make any tech enthusiast smile.

Stereo speakers and a 4, mAh battery. Even if you're not a tech enthusiast, you can surely see how that spec sheet is special. This is the phone OnePlus users have dreamed about, especially when you consider its price.

Its highest configuration is the same price as the entry price for the Galaxy S10e and iPhone X R — the cheapest flagship models offered by Samsung and Apple, respectively. And it's because of these very specs that the OnePlus 7 Pro is terrific for gaming. With all that RAM combined with the Adreno GPU, you'll have no problems running any graphical effects and textures a mobile game requires.

And thanks to its 90 Hz refresh rate, if the game supports uncapped frame rate, you can enjoy the smoothness of up to 90 fps. Even if the game doesn't, there's a good chance you can force 90 fps anyway. All that power is also reflected in benchmarks.

In Sling Shot, the OnePlus 7 Pro managed the second-highest score, a mere point difference between it and the leader. In Sling Shot Extreme, the story was the same, as it once again achieved second place in an even closer race, only 6 points behind. So why is the OnePlus 7 Pro ranked third? Well, first understand that this is third out of hundreds of phones that are on the market.

But it was bested by two phones because it lacks gaming features. Outside of its gaming mode and Fnatic modethere aren't any gaming-centric features. That's because OnePlus 7 Pro isn't a gaming phone. Instead, it is a great smartphone that happens to be great at gaming. As with most of our rankings, there are usually three or four Android devices and the latest from Apple.


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best android smartphone for gaming


The best gaming phones By Benjamin Abbott, Brittany Vincent TZ Feature Our picks of the best gaming phones for , whether you're looking at Android or Apple, budget or Author: Benjamin Abbott. The Xiaomi Black Shark is a gaming-focused smartphone and not shy about it, with an aggressive angular look, black with bright highlights. But it's not all show. Inside the Black Shark, we find an array of hardware powerful enough to handle any modern game with ease: an octacore CPU, 8 GB RAM and the Adreno Nicholas Montegriffo. Aug 05,  · Why the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best. In a lot of ways, the Galaxy S9 offered only subtle improvements over last year's S8. But in terms of gaming, that extra bit of performance means everything when you're playing a resource-heavy game like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Both Game Launcher and Game Tools are Marc Lagace.